Monday, March 30, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

1. What bases does the LVCVA use for segmenting its target market?

LVCVA uses a multilevel promotion strategy for a broad swipe of visitors including targeting Canadians, cities that allow gambling by using a national television and even Hispanic speaking commercials.

2. Does the LVCVA use an undifferentiated, a concentrated, or a multi segment targeting strategy? Why? Should the LVCVA be concerned with cannibalization?

I found LVCVA goes after almost every group: families, older Americans, and the wedding scene. The catchy national advertising is a cost savings without the disadvantage of bland product offerings. Therefore, the targeting strategy seems undifferentiated. However, they also go after concentrated groups such as Hispanics, convention goers, and target cities that already have gambling. However, the multi segment is also used. For example: LVCVA targets bachelorette partiers and families at the same time.

Should Vegas be concerned about cannibalization? Yes, very much so. A pyramid shaped hotel to a visitor, a decade ago, may have been a favorite. However, there are bigger and brighter hotels every year, and visitors may feel the need to branch out to brighter casinos leaving past hotels in the dust.

3. Think of the many reasons a person might want to travel to Las Vegas. Given a target market of all U.S. citizens aged 18-75, speculate how you might segment that market by lifestyle.

I would go after the northern climate crowd, such as Canadians, northern state Americans, and even Scottish, and have a curling bonspiel. Make a rink in a hotel. Have the game colors match casino chips. Have the winner take all, and televise it. Boxing, cage fighting, magic and animal acts have all been done before. A big curling event would be new, inviting and culturally minded. Plus, curling is a lifetime sport for all ages and genders. The game is prided on no arguing, and that filters down. So, there wouldn’t be as much need for additional security.

4. What do you think makes the LVCVA so successful?

LVCVA makes inroads because they hit the ground running at all levels. They use a multi-level promotional approach, hitting broad to narrow spectrums of potential visitors. On top of that, they use a grassroots approach to marketing and relationship building style. Then they monitor changes in visitor segments. With the information, they make changes in their marketing –adaptive. LVCVA doesn’t just sit around Vegas marketing; they promote their dusty town all over.